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A Steam-London ravaged by poverty, an unknown beast seeks to avenge the poorest members of society.


“Prey’s Moon”  is one of the short-stories of the anthology The Best Spanish Steampunk, edited and translated by Marian and James Womack follows the steps of two anthologies already released by Ediciones Nevsky, both in Spanish, “Steampunk. Antología Retrofuturista” edited by Felix J. Palma and “Retrofuturismos. Antología Steampunk” edited by Marian Womack.


Base in the main character of the Remesar’s steampunk novels, “El Dirigible” and “El Sumergible”,  the Scotland Yard Inspector James Usera-Brackpoll.


Father Jesus O’Prey encounters a werewolf-type creature that has been captured by the police. He gives the creature, who can talk and begs to be killed, last rites. Later, in a pub, Father O’Prey encounters Dr. Moreau (of The Island of Doctor Moreau fame), who kidnaps him and injects him with a serum that turns the priest into a half-man, half-wolf creature.  


Setting in a neo-Victorian London, with steam-powered carriages and trains, Metropolitan Police special units carrying flamethrowers and a very smart inspector in charge.


Formato: 15 x 21

Páginas: 26

Encuadernación: Rústica

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